Huck & The Raspberry Pi

Huck found some LEDs this morning, so we did a little experiment. He tells you about it, and some stuff I’m not sure that happened:

Christmas 2013

The last of the video-editting marathon.

Huck’s Workshop

A behind the scene’s look at Huck’s Workshop.

Huck’s Christmas Concert

Huck’s Christmas concert, with a cameo by Willie.

Willie’s October Adventures

Video editing and posting continues!

Huck and Christmas Train

With Christmas vacation here, I have chance to go back and edit/post some videos. Here’s a video of Huck bonding with a train his great grandparents sent up.

Review: The Conjuring

I’d heard “good” (read: scary) things about this one for a while. Finally got a chance to sit down and watch it. Not disappointed. Very tense moments à la “Insidious” … Continue Reading →

Review: Cropsey

Stellar documentary focusing on the ‘Cropsey’ urban legend that surrounds the history/horrific Willowbrook legacy. 4/5.

Waiting for the iPhone 5S

It’s that time in my Fido contract — time for a new phone. At present I have a $185 credit with Fido for a new phone, so I’m waiting, checking … Continue Reading →

Book Review: Code Simplicity

Code Simplicity: The Fundamentals of Software Max Kanat-Alexander Preamble: I’m both an avid computer book collector, and an avid O’Reilly book fan. Computer books are a weird thing to collect … Continue Reading →